Kleenex launch masturbation tissue

file000233133941Kleenex, the paper based brand owned by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, is to launch a new tissue line specifically designed to be used for male masturbation.

The line, called “Kleen-ur-XXX,” was created after the company did research into what type of tissues adult men liked to use when sexually relieving themselves.

“After extensive surveys we saw a gap in the market for a male organism relief tissue. We then tested the product amongst males aged between 25 to 40 in the UK and found an appreciable preference for these tissues over our traditional brand,” Kleenex’s head of product design Peter Philips told the Anker.

The product, which includes two versions, a female scented one and another more textured wipe are current being trialled in certain UK stores.

“Our research found these two items were particularly preferable dependent upon the type of masturbator. The female scented version is generally for those with a lighter more careful touch, whereas the other is for the more aggressive user,” Mr. Philips stated.

However, the new product line have largely been launched under the radar of the media, with little or no advertisement done by the company.

“Masturbation is something that can have negative connotations – and we did not want to completely associate our brand with it. However, we do understand that the discerning male demands a product like this and we are willing to supply it, but just not heavily market it,” Jessica Larson, the company’s head of sales stated.

Kleenex plans to launch the line in the USA in February next year, in time for Valentine’s Day, and globally in March.

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